Native Hardwood Chips

Hardwood chips are produced as a by-product of modern sawmill operations. As the logs are processed, the bark is removed and the round shape of the log is cut into a square configuration, so boards can be sawn efficiently. As the slabs of pulpwood are removed in this process, they are taken directly to a chipper machine and blown into a trailer for transport, often times to either a paper mill or other processor.


Because the chips are free from bark and leaves, they are naturally resistant to decomposition--they are pure wood fiber.

Other benefits Include:

  • Exposed chips bleach out to an almost white color, making them an ideal material for certain landscape applications
  • Long-lasting bedding material, which will usually ensure at least two growing seasons
  • Smooth, cushioned surface that is appealing to foot traffic
  • Free from contaminants, such as metal particles or chemicals
  • Only virgin wood chips are included

They are often used as a mulch material when contrasting color and texture is needed in a landscape design. They also provide an economical way to provide an esthetically pleasing look and also functional surface for a walking or running path.

Quantities and Delivery

Native Hardwood Chips are available in truckload quantities of 100 cubic yards. Deliveries can be split with two different products being delivered on the same truck for a nominal extra charge. On large projects, job-site truckload deliveries can be arranged to eliminate extra handling costs for you.