Color-Dyed (Enhanced) Mulch - Black, Red, and Brown


Dyed Black, Red, or Brown Mulch offers customers more options, not typically available in naturally colored all-bark or cedar products. This material has quickly become a popular product for customers who are looking for a longer lasting, moderately priced alternative with vivid color contrasts for residential and commercial applications.

This premium grade hardwood fiber and bark mixture is double processed and screened for size. The raw material is produced as a by-product of Midwestern commercial sawmill operations.

Other Benefits Include

  • Composed primarily of processed virgin wood fibers
  • Contains no processed pallets or waste wood products
  • Easy to handle
  • Moisture conservation
  • Temperature moderation
  • Erosion abatement
  • Weed control
  • Dyes used are most technologically advanced, most cases will last two full seasons

Quality and Maintenance

We take pride in providing consistent rich color and fine texture in our dyed mulch products. Because of our strict quality control, we are able to closely match the appearance of the finished product from one truckload to the next. Topdressing and light maintenance are required to freshen the material just like all other organic mulch products.

Quantities and Delivery

Red, Brown and Black are our primary color offerings and can be delivered with a lead time of three to five working days. Contact us for availability of other optional colors.

Loads are available in truckload quantities of 80-84 cubic yards. Bulk deliveries can be made with two different colored mulch products being delivered on the same truck for a nominal extra charge. On large projects, job-site truckload deliveries can be arranged to eliminate extra handling costs for you.