Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch


Hardwood bark mulch is an excellent product for many of your landscaping applications. Our premium grade hardwood bark mulch is double processed and screened for size. The raw material is produced as a by-product of Midwestern commercial sawmill operations. The bark primarily comes from native Red and White Oak and has minimal wood fiber content.

Hardwood bark is a lightweight material that is easy to handle and provides year-round benefits to all types of plantings. It naturally decomposes, providing valuable nutrients to surrounding plants.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Moisture conservation
  • Temperature moderation
  • Erosion abatement
  • Weed control

Consistent Color and Texture

We take pride in providing consistent color and texture in our hardwood bark mulch. Because of our close quality control efforts, we are able to match the appearance of the finished product from one truckload to the next. Our experienced staff combines different materials we have in our yard, in just the right amounts, to produce the consistent color and texture that our customers have come to expect.

Regular Grind Hardwood Bark Mulch

Fine Grind Hardwood Bulk Mulch

Maintenance and Replenishment

Keep in mind that hardwood bark mulch naturally breaks down and requires regular maintenance and replenishment. As mulch is added to previously installed landscaping jobs, it should be worked into the existing mulch for a more consistent result.

Quantities and Delivery

Hardwood bark mulch loads are available in truckload quantities of 80 to 85 cubic yards. Deliveries can be split with two different bulk products being delivered on the same truck for a nominal extra charge. On large projects, job-site truckload deliveries can be arranged to eliminate extra handling costs for you.