Shredded Red Cedar Mulch


Red Cedar Mulch is lightweight, easy to handle and has a pleasing aroma. It is produced as a by-product of sawmill operations and other processors of cedar logs. It is a natural product, free from added coloring or dyes, and its color is best described as a mix of several shades of reddish-brown and blonde.

In recent years, Red Cedar Mulch has become very popular as premium mulch and provides a unique look to landscaping work. It has become common in both commercial and residential applications.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Longer lasting than hardwood mulch
  • More fibrous, but still retains a consistent, fine texture
  • Good moisture retention and weed control
  • Long-lasting, effective erosion control
  • Excellent alternative to shredded Cypress mulch

Quantities and Delivery

As with our Hardwood Bark Mulch, we pride ourselves in providing a consistent product that you can depend on being the same from one truckload to the next. Red cedar mulch loads are available in truckload quantities of 100 cubic yards. Deliveries can be split with two different bulk products delivered on the same truck for a nominal extra charge. On large projects, job-site truckload deliveries can be arranged to eliminate extra handling costs for you.